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Addiction TodayInexcess TV is forging partnerships with key organisations involved in addiction and recovery; and is proud to be working with respected professional journal Addiction Today.

The most widely-read and influential journal on recovery from addictions – drugs, alcohol, food, behaviours such as gambling – is Addiction Today, produced by the Addiction Recovery Foundation (charity reg no 328133).

It concentrates on solutions, not problems: hints, tips and techniques for counsellors and therapists to help their clients to stop and stay stopped.

Although originally written for addiction-treatment professionals and decision-makers such as ‘commissioners’ of services and government working parties, Addiction Today has literally been grabbed by people in recovery who discover it. Traditionally, however, it has been very difficult to offer the journal’s life-saving information to such people who need it, as there has been no natural environment for us all to get together – until now.

Through InExcess.TV, the charity’s trustees and staff hope that more people will become aware of and use this valuable resource.

A picture is worth a thousand words – so just click on the brief descriptions below to view some Addiction Today articles. Much of the help is free, but we do hope you will subscribe to receive information regularly while simultaneously supporting the charity.

Sample Journal
This captures 16 of the 52 pages in each issue: news, research, techniques, diary, who’s who, policies, list of treatment centres, list of mutual-aid groups and more. Read today

Getting People Into Treatment:
Use Structured Interventions to Speed Loved Ones Into Care

Structured family and workplace interventions are a powerful catalyst for change, raising a troubled person’s ‘rock bottom’ to the here and now without the danger of a progressively worsening addictive life. Our explanation offers some great guidelines. Read today

“Addiction is a Disease”
Stigma and discrimination against addictive disorders is a major social problem. Reducing this discrimination is vital, as negative attitudes damage the quality and quantity of care. Much of the confusion is based on an incomplete understanding of the differences between intentional drug abuse and pathological drug dependence, the “new term for addiction”. Neuroscientist Professor Carlton Erickson gives the facts

Methamphetamines: Recovery is Possible
Over 42million people use amphetamines – yet inaccurate claims abound that only 5% of people can recover so there is no point in funding treatment. We show how it can be done, with only a little adaptation.

Survive Christmas and the New Year
December and January are the riskiest times of the year for people to relapse back to problematic addictive behaviours. Keep our guide – and start to use it in November.

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Charity no 328133.

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