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dealing with drug and alcohol problems

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Introducing Inexcess

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Inexcess TV uses the power of personal experience, television and the internet to help people when drink, drugs or other excessive behaviours have become a problem in their life, or the lives of others.

We focus on the ‘how to’ of recovery by showing you the way that others have turned their lives around and connecting you with information and professionals in the field of rehabilitation, treatment and well-being.

Inexcess talks about addiction and recovery with individuals, family members and support groups, and debates the latest issues with addiction experts and healthcare professionals. Our Find Help section provides practical advice and links to service providers.

As well as helping people, our aim is to change the perception and image of addiction by talking about it openly and honestly, and by sharing personal stories of hope and inspiration.

Recovery is all about moving from the darkness, fear and loneliness of drink, drug and mental health problems to freedom and light. Share that journey here with the many others that are finding new direction and purpose in their lives.

“In my search for recovery, I’m meeting the people who are turning their lives around and finding out what is working for them… I’m sharing what I’m learning.”

George Williams

The Team

George Williams

George Williams, Founder & Presenter
Inexcess host and founder George Williams introduces himself and

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Tony Mellor

Tony Mellor, Presenter
Once an addict and now nominated for Drug Worker of the year, our man on the street.

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Trevessa Newton

Trevessa Newton, Posse Member
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Jonathan Lloyd

Jonathan Lloyd, Posse Member
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Julie Nadin

Julie Nadin, Posse Member
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