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Joanna Hall’s 10 Minute Body Sculpting

Friday, February 20th, 2009 Joanna Hall’s 10 Minute Body Sculpting

Lifestyle expert Joanna Hall shows the readers how to get that oh so perfect body in just 10 minutes. This week she is concentrating on lean, flat abdominals.

It is no surprise that we all have parts of our body that will pose particular problems and seem to be immune to all our weight-loss efforts. If it’s flat abs you want, it’s not quantity but quality of exercise that counts. These simple flat tummy skills will help you get great results in no time.

Lift And lengthen:

What it does: Gives you lean, flat abdominals.

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and with the rib-hip connection engaged.

To do this, place your thumb on your lower ribs and your little finger on the top of your hip bone and draw these two points together with a small contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Then, slowely start to lift your upper body off the floor leading with the breastbone (not the head, chin or nose).

Lengthen through the crown of the head as you lift and then lower again. To help you, imagine your head has to touch the edge of a semi-circle throughout the whole movement. The movement should feel long, as you lift up and down.

Looking For A Stable Jelly Belly:

What it does: Stops troublesome lower tummy bulges and supports your back, preventing back pain.

To flatten that lower jelly belly, you need to target the deep transverse abdominal muscle (the one you are contracting when you lie on the floor to do up your jeans).

To help you do this, kneel on all fours and pull your belly button up to the spine and towards the ceiling as far as possible. Test how good you are at this by getting a friend or the kids to try to push your tummy a little – it should feel stable and shouldn’t move.

Now repeat, with your tummy muscles relaxed; when someone pushes you this time, you’ll notice that you wobble and have no stability.

Dead Bug:

What it does: A great total tummy toner without any neck pain Lie on your back and lift your legs and arms off the floor, so that your knees are bent just above your hips and your arms are directly over your shoulders, palms facing forwards. Keeping as still as possible, firmly pull your abdominals back into your spine. Hold this position for 2 sets of 8 counts.

Lower your right foot down to the floor and tap with your heel 4 times, without letting your lower back arch.

Still contracting your abdominals, raise the right foot back up then lower your left foot to tap your heel on the floor.

To make it harder: Start in the dead bug position. Slowly lower the right leg and right arm towards the floor at the same time. The distance between arm and knee should stay the same – imagine you’re holding a beach ball between them.

Gently ‘kiss’ the floor with your heel, then slowly lift the arm and leg back up to the dead bug position. Repeat with the left arm and the left leg, keeping your abdominals firmly pulled down throughout.

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