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800,000 drinkers treated in hospital every year

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 800,000 drinkers treated in hospital every year

It has been revealed that more than 800,000 people a year are being admitted to hospital with alcohol-related illnesses and injuries, according to official figures. It means alcohol is to blame for six per cent of hospital admissions - one in every 16 - and more than four times the number previously acknowledged.The new figures, which include cases of cancer, heart disease and stroke caused by drink, show the true impact of alcohol on the NHS.

Their release coincides with the publication of the Government’s plans for tackling Britain’s binge-drinking culture.The latest Government proposals, have been unveiled by Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo, could see tighter regulation of the drinks industry, including a ban on happy hours in pubs and clubs.

It found rules were regularly flouted to allow ‘irresponsible and harmful practices’.These included:

  • The sale of alcohol to people under 18;
  • Sales of alcohol to ‘blatantly intoxicated’ people;
  • The promotion of excessive drinking through cut-price offers.

As Reported In The Mail Online 14 09 2008

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