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Amanda Fielding

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 Amanda Fielding

Amanda Fielding: A Lady Who Funds Research No One Else Will Do – In Assisting Depression.

Amanda Feilding last week started an investigation that will examine the changes in blood flow during meditation, and how this prompts states of relaxation.

Feilding is not a scientist, but spends a six-figure sum of her own money each year to explore the inner workings of our mind: how we think; where creativity comes from; and how we can harness this knowledge. Feilding’s fascination with consciousness started at an early age..
Feilding realised that there was no research at UK universities into hallucinogens, so she started her own. “The best way to go was to set up a foundation, get an impressive board of top scientists to see if we can get some research going.

It would be easy to label her as merely a well-heeled old hippy, but for some years she has been networking with scientists, ministers, drug czars, and other academic intelligentsia. Her board of advisers includes top international names, such as Colin Blakemore, former head of the UK Medical Research Council, and Mike Trace, her co-director of the Beckley Policy Programme, who worked at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime until 2003.

The paper, published in The Lancet, caused a stir: of the 20 drugs, alcohol was the fifth most dangerous, ketamin sixth, and MDMA (Ecstasy) the third least dangerous. Heroin and cocaine were ranked first and second most dangerous. “We need to overcome taboos” she says.

As Reported In The Times Online 23 09 2008

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