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Over Two Stone Of Excess Skin Removed

Thursday, February 5th, 2009 Over Two Stone Of Excess Skin Removed

David Smith used to weigh inexcess of 45 stones. During a two year exercise regime he went on to lose 28 stone and not for the faint-hearted, Smith had 30 pounds of excess skin also removed from his body.

Smith sought help as he was very seriously close to eating himself to death. On a mission the fitness instructor and Smith cut his weight by almost two thirds.

Unfortunately for Smith, unsightly flaps of skin hung aimlessly from his body. Eventually, four procedures later, over a period of twelve months these flaps were removed, along with some laser surgery on his eyes and dental work to make good damage from sweets and fizzy drinks.

Indeed Smith has become a fitness coach and has found himself a girlfriend for the first time.

Davies reflects on the news that was given to him. At the age of twenty-six he was gioven just four months yo live. He says, “I was given just four months to live when I was 26 because I was so overweight. I was a man mountain.

“I was written off by everyone, even myself, but all of a sudden I woke up from my despair and I realised feeling sorry about my life wasn’t going to solve my problems.

“I decided to change my existence and started exercising. Now I’m a completely different person, not just physically but mentally too.”

Smith from Phoeix Arizona, became friends with a local DJ and fitness instructor in 2003.

From there on in, he started to burn the calories by fitness programmes. He would also go on long runs everyday for over twenty-six months. He replaced junk food for a healthy diet including pasta and salad.

Smith would like to pass his message on and inspire other youngsters and adults that you can come back from obesity.

Smith has always been overweight weighing in at 630 pounds His life was subjected to aspects of cruelty as he states, “I would have sticks and stones and dog mess thrown at me and I would be spat on.

“I’ve had a broken arm and black eyes because people didn’t like me because of my weight.

“It got so bad that I didn’t want to leave the house and I didn’t even feel comfortable in my own backyard until it was dark out.

“I felt like I deserved as much pain as possible and I wanted to kill myself.

“But then I met Chris and he became the only one that has ever believed in me, he showed me that I could change.

“The first few months were really hard, Chris would be telling me that I was doing really well and I was losing weight - but when I looked in the mirror I saw someone weighing more.

“To begin with the training was really tough, at my heaviest I struggled to walk five feet without becoming out of breath.

“Slowly, though, I got better and managed to do more and more and the flab was literally falling off me.

“But after I’d worked so hard to lose the weight, I was left with all this excess skin which made me look ridiculous.

“I had four operation in a year to get rid of it all. It’s the nicest thing going under the knife but it was something that had to be done.

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