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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 Heroin addiction

The Path We Take: The Choices We Make.

How terribly sad when two young girls like sisters with everything to live for, one ends up dead. Why at the tender age of twenty does this happen? These girls were inseparable growing up and as one became more wayward, the elder of the two tried so hard to keep her younger friend safe. Aileen went missing but this did not stop Pamela from finding her. After weeks of searching Pamela found Aileen in a dishevelled, disorientated state suffering the ravaging effects of heroin.

Pamela says: “Our parents separated and Aileen really struggled with that. She became unbearable to live with and started running away. Eventually she put herself into a care home.

Pamela had done her utmost for her friend. It was not enough, the plain truth heroin had claimed another young victim.

As reported in the Daily Mirror 16 September 2008

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