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Ways To Stay In Shape

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 Ways To Stay In Shape

The word obese is never to far away in the media, today is no exception. Two headlines just in the Telegraph alone, one suggesting, ‘Laughing can help lose weight’ and the second article advises ‘how to get the body you have always wanted’.

With reference to the first article by kate Devlin (12 01 08). It is believed that laughter can give the body a “mini aerobic workout”. Thus causing the heart to beat faster.

Moreover, laughing out loud will make the chest rise and fall, thus inevitably ensures that the muscles will work harder and they will also tighten up.

Laughing helps with your skin, as up to 15 different facial muscles are used, thus giving the face a facial workout.

Furthermore it has been suggested that laughter can improve our immune systems from the point of view that it allows the body to fight off infections such as colds and coughs.

According to Helen Pilcher, a neuroscientist who also works as a comedian, who carried out the research, said: “We’re not advocating you watch sitcoms 24 hours a day, but laughing away excess Christmas weight is a great way to stay in shape.

Commissioned by UKTV Gold, her research identified that an hour of strong laughter burns around 100 calories. Notwithstanding, the same amount of calories could be worked off through half an hour of weightlifting or by vacuuming for almost three quarters of an hour, the research found.

“But you’ve got to avoid the temptation of consuming extra calories whilst you are laughing - chomping on a Kit Kat or supping a quick half whilst watching your favourite sitcom.”

The next report suggests that we can get the body we have always wanted according to Joanna Hall of the Telegraph (09 01 09). The report indicates that working out in a gym, will not be the only way to burn off calories. Each time you move your body is using some energy. Thus every movement throughout the day contributes to weight loss.

Notably, it has been identified that in a report n the International Journal of Obesity, people who consistently took short bouts of physical activity ended up expending more calories than those who took longer bouts of structured exercise.

The more you move your body then the more energetically you will move it and thus the greater amount of energy your body will burn and the more weight it will lose.

It has been argued that an active person will keep their metabolism revved up throughout the day and will burn upto an extra 2 calories per minute. Over a period of time these calories will add up to a significant number.

Undoubtedly, small changes can help increase your overall physical activity levels by encouraging you to move more and more often.

Whilst in the workplace, be practical and take some steps that will keep you moving ie, leave Mobile phone somewhere so that you will have to get up and answer it.

When using stairs, walk down, as well as up, the stairs. Apart from accumulating more steps, it’s better for you: the impact your body absorbs can help safeguard against osteoporosis.

Do a chore at lunch time to promote the keep on moving campaign.

When at home, there are equally some useful tips. If you were to ban all remote controls for a week, this will keep you moving, if you’ve got a cordless phone, keep moving while you talk. Make sure you use the loo on another level as this again helps to keep extra movement over the day.

Hence there are very many ways to keep on the go and continually burn up those calories.

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