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Kerry Katona: A Mixed Report

Monday, January 12th, 2009 Kerry Katona: A Mixed Report

How fantastic did Kerry Katona look in a recent article by Lizzie Smith of the Mail (11 01 09).

According to the report, it was disclosed that this time last year Kerry Katona was nothing more than a bloated pop star who was better known for her tantrums and rows. At an event in Liverpool on Friday Katona was described ’stunning’ showing off her newly acquired svelte like figure and wearing a vibrant blue evening dress.

Indeed, at the David Guest Dinner at the Adelphi Hotel, in aid of the Variety Club North West, Kerry was one of the shining attractions. Her skin glowing , her hair glossy and her very large smile caught the eyes of the cameras.

One thing that was alarming was the fact that Katona has undergone £15,000 of work to sculpt her post-baby body, including liposuction and a breast reduction. Moreover the mother of four went from GG to a DD, complaining that her pregnancies had damaged her once trim body. Before her weight loss operation, Kerry, complained: ‘After four kids I need it. When I take my bra off my nipples are by my feet.’

The procedure took eight hours and was carried out at the north London, St John and St Elizabeth Hospital. was paid for, and filmed in gruesome detail, by MTV for Kerry’s reality show Whole Again.

In contrast according to the Mail (12 01 09) within a week of posing with new slimline version of herself, Kerry has been seen wolfing down a big burger, fatty fries and a calorie-busting ice cream.

Within 2 months, the ex-atomic Kitten has dropped an amazing three stones in weight. According to the report Katona munched on junk food as she ventured around the park with her husband and three of her children.

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