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Secrets To Be Positive, Successful And Happy

Thursday, January 8th, 2009 Secrets To Be Positive, Successful And Happy

With all the seemingly, negative news within the media, it’s now time to bring some sense of cheer for the new year. A very interesting account by John Naish of the Times (03 01 09). Some leading thinkers share their success.

Opening headline “Take the risk of giving; something will come back - Camila Batmanghelidjh Founder of children’s charity Kids’ Company”.

It is suggested that one has to think of a challenge rather as a barrier, thus have fun when overcoming, rather than as impenetrable obstacles.

Critically, it is also vital for a sense of urgency, a plan of action on how to achieve things desired. The point being if this does not happen initially, there is a need to keep chipping away so as not to feel slighted or inadequate.

Determination is also key, in that key skills such as resilience are actively developed. The need to recover readily from any of the set-backs we may face is also crucial.

Apply the rule to be generous, but do not undervalue the energising potential ability of generosity itself.

Hitherto, we are living in a world whereby we accumulate too much. There is a wonderful feeling when we are able to give or share something no matter how big or small to somebody. There will always be a good sense of well-being and satisfaction when we are able to give for givings sake.

Apparently it is also useful to never to take ourselves too seriously, as stated in the report ” our ancestors lived in caves with little to survive on. What we’re going through is no big deal”. This is a very valid point

For Camila, 2009 will have to be a fun year, regardless of the economic downturn. In the pursuit of raising funds, this will be achieved in a fun like way. The whole team will think of creative ideas, events and activities. They have no choice really as many thousands of children are dependent upon the organisation. That shows commitment, another essential quality.

For Camila, she is always inspired when surrounded by children who have had trauma in their lives. She understands that for children under these circumstances, it takes a great deal just getting out of the bed each morning and be optimistic for the next day. Absolute compassion from this perspective.

Finally, of Camila Batmanghelidjh, she fundamentally believes that if children can still hang on to hope, then alas we could also learn something too.

Moving on and evaluating Judy Piatkus Entrepreneur and specialist in lifestyle publishing and her perspective.

She reflects that essentially what people have to do is sit down quietly and think about life in a constructive orderly manner. It is essential to achieve peace inside as so much whirls around and we are unlikely to find inner calm outside. This facilitates a rational order whereby quick snappy decisions are not forced upon us as a whole.

Despite the economic downturn of which we are not in control. It is important how we control how we perceive objectives and thus maintain control.

Positive thinking patterns in difficult times are also crucial as they prevent us being dragged and caught up in an insidious trap going on around us. Piatkus will argue that if we get caught up in negative thinking then that is what we will attract into our lives.

Optimism should be maintained, Piatkus argues everything ‘really does have a silver lining’. As one door closes then another will open. She states, If you are unemployed or about to lose your job or experience any other major loss or hardship, it is of course really difficult to think positively about the situation. But you do have to try - because the alternative is worse. You have to try to talk yourself into the idea that some good will come out of the current situation, even if you can’t see what it will be at the present time.

For me, this year I am hoping to do some public speaking on aspects of managing companies in difficult times. I’ve been through two recessions, though not as bad as this one. I also want to do public speaking on managing fear.

Make things happen this year by thinking things through and not settling for second best. A good example given is “to think about what they want to do with their lives, rather than just go back into the wrong job again, it could be very constructive. It’s an opportunity, if you see it that way”.

Finally, we will all assess our financial positions and decision making as to whether the spending we do benefits our lives. Think more out of the box and look at the merits of community and collectivism more.

Another advocate of the art of positive thinking is that of Zita West, who argues that whilst there is gloom and doom all around us we must live in hope, as that is all we really can do.

Furthermore there is too much excess in our modern generations, thus a recession can actually be a positive thing. To take absolute stock and reassess what is important will be key. In addition West states that she has learnt much from ancient Chinese medicine, which in essence is all about balance and ultimately living within our natural boundaries.

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