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Body Image And The Pressures Post New Year

Thursday, January 8th, 2009 Body Image And The Pressures Post New Year

Endless offers in transforming our bodies will barrage us all this time of year. This diet or that DVD in the pursuit of making us achieve the best body image. However, question this for one moment, are those cynical market forces generating and digging into our capital again? The greed, have they not already had a big enough share in the pie? Clearly insatiable appetites for our money. So beware you have been warned.

Lets look at the evidence, and not to far away are the headlines “I cant believe that’s me in that bikini”. Now doing a bit of research, can unearth quite alot, as far back as (13 05 08), the headlines were as follows in the Daily Mail ‘I love my new body’. Well actually there is nothing new about it. Indeed it is seven months old. But lets think, the most recent headline Coleen will reveal her secrets of how she has lost her weight.

Colleen once tipped the scales at 13st 3lbs but now weighs in at 9st 2lbs, and says she no longer dreads the onset of summer weather and the skimpy outfits that go with it. However, and in her favour Nolan has shunned any extreme form of dieting.

Last year, she shed an incredible three stone for her wedding to long-term partner Ray in November 2007, using a Rosemary Connolly diet plan.

That led to her best-selling weight loss DVD, Brand New You. But snacking on the kids’ left overs led her to regain 1st 10lbs by the end of the summer, mainly because the weather was so rubbish that she didn’t need to get her body out and found that before she knew it by she’d put over a stone back on. despite her blip, Coleen was even more determined to avoid returning to her size 20 wardrobe, so decided to take action. She devised a new exercise DVD to spur her on and has now found an eating plan that works for her.

“I call it my Never Hungry diet,” she says.

The DVD is described as great fun, containing different workouts for various parts of the body with a variety of pace.

Alas, we also have Cheryl Cole in the Mail (05 01 09) revealing how she struggles to control her weight and her insecurities in her marriage which will inevitably lead to low self-esteem. Perfect timing at the end of the Festive Season.

Cheryl has admitted to feeling fat on occasions and more specifically she does not like her legs. These aspects are very worrying in relation to young people and their body image.

Cole also reveals that in her first year as a member of Girls aloud, she burst into tears as she could not fit into a pair of jeans, she went on what we now know as the Atkins Diet. She recalls, “‘I remember being in Selfridges and taking these size 28s into the changing room and not being able to get them on, and then getting on the scales and crying because I was nine and a half stone. Nine and a half stone when I’m only 5ft 3in.

‘Jennifer Aniston was doing something called the Atkins Diet at the time and I thought I’d give it a try.

‘The record company had just moved us into this hotel called K West and I remember I ate the same thing from room service - chicken in cream sauce with a couple of carrots - every night, for weeks, and I just felt horrible. But I was on this mission.’

In a further revelation Cheryl Cole admits to suffering from clinical depression, this alarms the young pop star as she has already been convicted of violence towards a lavatory attendant. Thus body image can have dire effects on anyone who has mental health issues.

Another celebrity endorsement from Davina McCall has become number one best-seller with her pals Jackie and Mark Wren to bring you this military-inspired workout. Davina, introduces two 40-minute fat-burning routines, alongside warm-up and cool down exercises. These are surprisingly not gimmicky, just really good high-energy workouts.

The first workout, Super Sculpt, is designed to tone the whole body using fat-burning intervals, while the second, Super Fit, uses aerobic kick boxing exercises to achieve overall fitness and fat-burning.

And if that isn’t enough of a workout for you, there are three more 50-minute routines adding an extra 10 minutes to focus on a specific area of your choice. Jackie Wren is on hand for the beginners with the less strenuous options. Plus, if you want a bit of a laugh, head to the extras section to see Davina complete a military assault course.

Even good old Strictly Come Dancing have a DVD released, featuring the queen of the quick step Flavia Cacace, of whom is joined by Kelly Brook.

This workout will teach you four different dances, each perfect for honing different parts of your body, including Salsa (targets waist, back, shoulders and arms), Jive (guarantees a great backside), Quick Step (for toned arms and legs) and the Tango (tones tummies, legs and lower back).

With easy-to-follow instructions and a funky upbeat soundtrack which includes hits from the likes of Shakira, Gnarls Barkley and Survivor, this DVD promises to teach the fastest and hottest moves from everyone’s favourite show.

There is something to suit everyone’s taste such are the market forces out there.

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