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George is the founder and the presenter of Here in his blog George talks about his inner most thoughts on his journey through recovery, his experiences making the show and shares his insights into the world around us etc.

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"I'm sharing what I'm learning"



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New Year..New Start

Posted by George Williams on Monday, December 29th, 2008

As I look back on the year I think of what I’ve learnt, especially about myself. New year is a great time to close one chapter of our lives and start another. Writing down the changes and how they will benefit you is a great way to start. keep a diary.

It’s all about changing habits, new routines, letting go of the old days and old ways. Some people do have to be put on the shelf or left behind.

Sit in front of the mirror and listen to your inner voice. Most people will normally send it packing, fill their time so much with distractions, suppress it. This time though, listen. Tears may come, especially if you think back, all the hurt, pain, sadness but see these tears as a healing process

Life may have given you many challenges but one way or another you have handled them all, you must have , you’re sat infront of the mirror. Now is the time to plan the changes to understand the true fears that hold you back and to let them go. Positive, practical action is needed. Look to people who have a good perspective on life and listen to what they have to say. Contact us at Inexcess and we’ll help point you in the right direction, wherever you may live. As you grow in confidence everything will become clearer and all those resources within you, everything you have learnt will all be put to good use. In the future people will come to you and ask for help and you will be ready.

Be careful what you wish for as it may just come true. Only start what you can see through and finish and the really exciting bit you will find in the future is that it’s all in your own hands. This new year, think about your new start

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