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Finally a Boy - For Supermum

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 Finally a Boy - For Supermum

On a festive note, we here at Inexcess will always promote moderation. For once, we too can cast away our words of wisdom and join in the celebrations of the Laycock family.

Supermum, Sally Laycock has just given birth to a baby boy after having ten girls, all ranging from the ages 17-2.

For Sally all she wanted to hear was a three letter word B-Y, can you guess?

Not surprisingly, after nine girls in a row, sally could be forgiven on almost giving up on having a little boy. However, fate was around the corner.

Lewis Laycock weighed in at 7lb 12oz and is a very healthy little baby brother to his 10 adoring sisters.

For Sally aged 34, she says, “I’m so excited to have a boy at last.

“We had just assumed it would be a girl. We’d become so used to them.” Hardly Surprising!!!!

In fact, Sally’s friends had claimed the couple would only ever have girls due to the nature of her husband John’s job - a chef in a hot kitchen. All that heat - could only ever produce the female of the species.

Call it coincidence, after 2 heart attacks, John had to leave his job, the rest is history!!!

Sally said: “I always thought it was rubbish. We didn’t understand how temperature could make any difference. But maybe there’s something in it after all.”

Football fanatic John, 37, who gave up his job after two heart attacks in six months, said he was stunned to discover he was going to have a son.

He said: “I was absolutely ecstatic. Before Lewis came along I had to try to make the girls interested in football and my favourite team Arsenal.

Now I’ll have a boy to take to matches one day.”

He said: “It was a hard time for us as we’re such a big family. But it’s finally brought us a boy. We’re all so excited. I love all my girls. But now at last there’ll be a boy so I’m not the only man in the household.”

Sally added: “We never planned to have so many kids. But Lewis is the perfect Christmas present for all of us. All the girls love him to bits and are spoiling him rotten.”

Though it has to be said, the idea of having this families shopping bill somehow does not sound appealing:


Bread: 15 large loaves

Cereal: 8 family-sized boxes

Milk: 56 pints

Potatoes: 2 large sacks of spuds

Crisps And Snacks: 100 packets

Eggs: 30 medium-sized

Butter: 3 tubs

Fruit: 30 apples, 30 bananas, 30 oranges

Beans: 20 tins

Carrots: 2 large bags

COST: 200

10 Number of minutes strictly allocated to each Laycock family member in bathroom every morning.

6PM Evening meal is in two sittings, with younger kids first, then the older girls and adults.

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