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Video: George Williams meets Duane O’Kane

Friday, December 12th, 2008’s first international guest in conversation with George Williams.

In his search for recovery George Williams is speaking to people in active addiction, people in recovery and those people who have developed strategies to deal with addiction and recovery and have built a frame work of positive ways to live in the 21st century. Duane O’Kane is one of those people. With Catherine O’Kane he founded Clearmind as “a company offering innovative educational and psychotherapeutic programs using an experiential spiritual/transpersonal paradigm.”

Well, that’s what the web site says. In reality Duane has a deep understanding of relationships and ways of living in a modern high pressure world.

In this film Duane and George range over many issues and topics that have an impact on modern relationships and behaviours.

From fears, feelings and emotions to the role of childhood experiences and events ultimately this conversation is in search of why we are how we are and what got us to this point.

George says, “It was a privilege to spend an hour in Duane’s company. He is a man with huge experience and insight that cannot help but at the very least make you reconsider your relationships and perhaps begin to change them for the better.”

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