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Last Night’s Show: Pressures of Christmas

Posted by George Williams on Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Christmas is upon us and many people struggle with the pressures it can bring. Equally we can approach it in a very simplistic way and enjoy the positive loving spirit. After all it does just depend on how you see it. If you’re in the eye of the storm then I’m sure it seems bleak and desperate and if you’re fortunate to be on the other side it’s wonderful, fresh, new and we’re filled with a sense of gratitude.

Everyone made contributions to this show; Jaquie from Sharp talked about their Christmas relapse recovery workshop. It’s practical and it works. Friends and family can connect with our shows because we’re presenting the content and the people which gives us all greater understanding and awareness. Inexcess is for real people, with real lives, dealing with real issues. Those issues aren’t just alcohol and drug addiction but life and the demands and strains. Mental health, depression, many different disorders and obsessive behavioural patterns and habits. Each show, guests and audience help me have a greater understanding in my search for recovery, in search of me, the real George Williams.

I’m a very lucky guy and this Christmas will be special, very simple with the people I love the most.

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