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The making of Inexcess, by Roger Appleton

Roger Appleton

Roger joined Inexcess TV having worked as an independent producer/director for many years making programmes for Granada TV, BBC and Channel Five.

He says, "Now is a very exciting time to be working with Inexcess. There is a changing landscape in attitudes to addiction and recovery and this is mirrored in the changing environment in the media. More and more people are turning to the internet and broadband to consume their media and so I think Inexcess is right at the forefront of content and the technology to deliver that content."

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"Inexcess TV is right at the forefront of content and technology."




Five Down, Five to go!

Posted by Roger Appleton on Monday, December 8th, 2008

Five live programmes last week and, fingers crossed, everything seems to have gone very well. The content has been stunning. From the debate of the Posse to the very moving accounts of life from Maggie White, Cathy Hilton and Sharon Jones, this has been an exceptional week.

Our two production guys Chris and Geoff have been beavering away all week. Editing by day, shooting live by night they are getting into their stride and pulling all the production elements together.

I’ve been asked by a number of people what’s the process and technology behind the productions… well here goes.

Each show is produced live at Toxteth TV. Ironically the studio has been built on the car park of an old pub – The Windsor Castle – and gives us a great space and lighting rig. Although the studio has its own gallery we’ve set up camp with our own kit.

We shoot with the workhorse of many an independent production company – the Sony Z1. I’ve shot with this camera all over Britain and Europe and it’s terrific to work with. We have three in the studio linked back to a Tricaster Vision mixing unit. Chris is the man with his hands on the buttons and the Tricaster allows us to play in video clips and graphics as we go along. Not a man to panic under pressure Chris is able to talk back to our camera operators and produces a very polished result.

Out on the studio floor we have Geoff keeping things on an even keel and preparing the studio for George, guests and audience. His duties are many and various including on Thursday bravely putting his body between a camera and a misplaced halogen fire that was heating the studio. That’s Geoff all over, prepared to take a singeing to save the quality of a shot. At we like to go that extra mile.

Meanwhile during the daytime the above mentioned production all rounders are editing to produce the other digital cuts that end up on the website. Using Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro there’s never a minute goes by when they are not engaged in some sort of digital manipulation. They are to pixels what the Chuckle Brothers are to kid’s comedy.

It’s a credit to them that the shows seem effortless with their hard work and dedication behind the scenes.

This series has also seen a new title sequence that has been produced by the design gurus in the next room – Ben, Ian and Tony. These guys know a golden section when they see it and are also responsible for the overall look of the site.

Our camera team is the best young talent knocking about these parts. Fresh faced and raring to go they combine the ideal characteristics for a broadband tv channel - youth, energy and genuine talent – these lensfolk will go far.

Dan, camera operator in our pilot series, disappeared to Camp America only to re-surface on series two as meeter and greeter and studio production assistant. His silky manners and coffee making skills have seen him return to the fold to smooth the way for guests and audience alike.

Last but by no means least we have our sound maestro Greg. Not only can he hook you up to a radio mic without a blush but he then races back to the gallery to mix the sound from up to eight mics on the studio floor. Because Greg’s talents know no bounds he also popped up in Friday’s show playing us out on Guitar and voice with his own composition, Little Rain Drops. Just for the record Greg was the voice of Great and Lady Soul back in the nineties and has developed his own brand of Industrial Folk – check him out at his own corner of myspace.

So there you have the bones of the production team at – live production in the studio and constant digital trickery. Five more shows to go this week. The Posse are back, Sharon Palmer from Arch Initiatives on Tuesday and CIC’s Karen Anderson on Thursday.

One last thing… why are there so many ways to save digital video for viewing. My head swirls with AVIs, MOVs, Quick Time Movies, Flash, WMVs…aaaggghhhh – what was wrong with analogue tape. Don’t get me started on Codecs…


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