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Inexcess update

Posted by George Williams on Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Hi everyone. Thought it was only right to give you an update of the coming weeks. Roger Appleton is coming on-board and bringing a wealth of experience to series 1. His company Bright Moon Films has just broadcast their last production Passport To Liverpool on the BBC and received great reviews. The pilot series achieved everything I hoped but it was a pilot. For Series 1 we hope to take the show to the next level and include a “phone in” and a tighter format with more guests and content.

Welcome on-board to Gina who will be researching and booking guests, Geoff and Kris who have moved up from the pilot to full-time crew roles and most of the rest of the team who helped us deliver our 40 pilot shows. Steven, Danny and Michael are all signed back.

Phil I know from Bright moon will be developing the production infer structure and marketing. Things have really come together today and the guys have started on the new improved “set” too.

Trevessa, Jonathan, James and hopefully Julie are all back as the posse. “T” and I plan to get out on the road and do some outside broadcast interviews and generally just meet and chat to real people, with real lives, dealing with real issues.

finally I hope the site does become a “platform” where people can air their experiences and advice either written or in blog format. Most of all I hope people continue to connect with what I’m saying and doing. In return I hope to develop the site to a level whereby we can signpost people to the right help and support.
It’s great to be back and I look forward to hearing from you all

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