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Posted by George Williams on Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Oh peaches, what have you done?!
Peaches Geldof seems to be following in the celeb meltdown shoes of Britney Spears after getting hitched to her new boyfriend in the same Las Vagas wedding chapel where Britney also married on a whim. Peaches, 19, who was on holiday with her sister Fifi Trixibelle to escape the adverse publicity she’s received over her recent alleged drug overdose, wed singer Max Drummey, 23, of indie band Chester French, last week.

Their relationship developed in July when Drummey played at a festival presented by Geldof. Friends of Peaches say she has long been obsessed with marrying and finding the stable family life that she never had. Faris Baldwin, who was Peaches’ boyfriend until two weeks ago, had no idea he had been dumped and was as surprised as everyone else when she got married. However, reports in The Sun today say that Faris is still keen to have a relationship with Peaches; cynics say this is to raise the profile of his own band, The Horrors. Many think the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, with Peaches soon to be launching a new clothing line and her husband with a new album to promote. Come on Peaches, it’s time to leave your bubble and come back to reality…

Shock figures for drugs and the under-16s
The Daily Mail yesterday led with the shocking story that hospital admissions to treat overdoses or drug-induced mental problems jumped 43 per cent among the under 16s. It appears that younger and younger children are being sucked into the drugs culture. Eight in ten victims are male. The latest figures also expose an exposion in cocaine abuse with experts saying that dealers are now selling economy packets of the narcotic to entice teenagers. Cocaine is seen as cool and fashionable by many and is now cheaper than it’s ever been. It seems no coincidence that these figures accompany reports that young males are turning to gang culture to replace the family unit that they lack and this problem also needs to be addressed immediately.

Binge culture and the risk of infant abnormality.
A new study by researchers in the USA shows that pregnant women who binge drink early in their pregnancy increase the liklihood that their babies will be born with a cleft lip or palate. These findings reinforce th fact that women should not drink during pregnancy, a recommendation that seems to have been relaxed slightly in recent years.

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