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Posted by George Williams on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

One law for the rich… and another for the poor… A billionaire couple who were caught with a huge amount of cocaine, crack and heroin are to escape prosecution. Eva Rausing, whose husband is heir to the Tetra Pak drinks carton empire, was caught trying to smuggle heroin and crack into a function at the American Embassy in London.

More crack and heroin was found when the police searched the couple’s home, together with £2000 worth of cocaine. If you or I were discovered with such huge quantities of drugs we would undoubtably receive a prison sentence yet the Rausings will receive just a ‘conditional caution’, probably requiring them to attend a drug misuse programme, and will not even have criminal records. This is another example of the rich and famous being seemingly above the drug laws… Kate Moss also escaped prosecution after publication of pictures of her snorting cocaine. Stories like these serve only to glamorise drugs in the eyes of many young people and this is unacceptable. Read the whole story on page 5 of today’s Daily Mail and let us know your opinion.

Amy’s world:
Amy Winehouse is in the news again…she was rushed to hospital on Monday after ’she had a bad reaction to some medication’ according to her father Mitch. Apparently this was medication meant to help her beat drugs and Mitch denied that his daughter had taken an overdose. On pages 20-21 of the Daily Mail today a journalist who was invited into Amy’s North London home describes the utter squalor and chaos that is Amy’s normal life… Amy describes how she took drugs right through rehab… and doesn’t seem to realise how her life is in meltdown and how badly she needs proper help. It’s such a shame that so many people close to her just seem to look at her as a meal ticket and seem to be watching her decline without doing anything constructive to stop it.

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