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What’s in the papers this sunday…

Posted by George Williams on Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Amy Winehouse, queen of dark: The cover story of The Sunday Times magazine is ‘Saving Amy’ which chronicles her rise to stardom and then very public inability to deal with the ensuing fame. Does Amy actually want to get well… she has suggested in the past that unhappiness is her muse… and her parents have said that she always liked people to worry about her…the talented singer seems to be a pathetic shadow of her former self. Amy’s late Nan was the only person she would listen to and it’s a shame that, despite family, friends and managers caring about her, she seems to lack the ability to make positive steps to turn her life around.

Coke strokes on the rise amongst the young: Another effect of the UK’s coke epidemic is highlighted in the article on pages 38-39 of Style Magazine (The Sunday Times); apparently in recent years Britain’s hospitals have seen a dramatic rise in A&E patients presenting with chest pains, heart attacks and strokes caused by cocaine use. In one London hospital, one in three young men attending with suspected heart attacks were cocaine users. Casualties are often not obvious drug abusers, many have families, high flying careers and only take recreational drugs at the weekend. Coke puts a huge strain on the heart, worse if alcohol and amphetamines are taken too, and even young, healthy bodies can’t cope with this. How many of today’s younger generation will make it to old age?

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