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Posted by George Williams on Friday, July 25th, 2008

Peaches Geldof collapse: Drug overdose or excessive dieting to blame for collapse. Are we being cynical thinking that this new explanation for Peaches’ collapse is merely due to the Peaches PR machine having had enough time to concoct an alternative and more palatable story? Check out the article in yesterday’s Daily Mail (pages 12-13) and make up your own mind.

Tougher regulations to curb excessive drinking: Amid reports in yesterday’s and today’s papers (see the Times yesterday, page 19) that the Department of Health is taking regulatory steps to try to deal with Britain’s booze culture, The Times today shows that you can take the boozy Brit out of Britain, but he’ll still be a boozy Brit… page 24 reports how a 17 year-old youth died in Greece on Monday after a night of binge drinking… police could not find his friends (great mates!!) and identified the youth by calling his parents number found on his mobile.

And now for some practical help:
Scientists at Cardiff have discovered that excessive drinking is not to blame for drunken fights on the way home from a night out… apparently redesigning streets to be more manageable for drunks could reduce violence… who has funded this ridiculous research?! Read the full story on page 4 of today’s Times.

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