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Posted by George Williams on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Like mother, like daughter? Party loving Peaches Geldof had to be given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by a friend on Sunday afternoon after a suspected drugs overdose in her flat, writes The Sun on its front page and pages 4 and 5 today. 19 year-old Peaches refused to go to hospital in case her father, Sir Bob, found out… let’s hope he doesn’t read The Sun. Many will have a sense of deja vu at this incident as Peaches’ TV presenter mum, Paula Yates, died from an accidental heroin overdose when Peaches was just 11 years old. Sir Bob has said he would go ‘ballistic’ if Peaches ever turned to drugs but did she really have any alternative growing up with the rock and roll lifestyle she was born into?

Boozy britain not cafe culture three years into 24-hour drinking experiment: The Daily Mail leads wth the Government’s admission that relaxing drink laws have led to a massive increase in booze-fuelled violence and injuries rather than creating a civilised Continental style cafe culture as planned. Laws are going to be toughened up in an attempt to curb today’s drink problems, including a proposed ban on Happy Hours, mandatory smaller measures in pubs and clubs and a ban on loss-leading alcohol sales in supermarkets. Ministers seem surprised that there has been no voluntary action from the alcohol industry… why the surprise… integrity often goes out the window when big profits are involved… and tax on alcohol is making a large contribution to the Government’s coffers too…

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