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The weekend’s news and views

Posted by George Williams on Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Things have gone from bad to worse for Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, currently in rehab… apparently he now can’t decide who he’s in love with… his long suffering wife Jo or the 20 year-old Russian cocktail waitress who has declared that she’s with him ‘not for his money but for his personality’… meanwhile, Jo keeps changing her mind about whether she’ll forgive Ronnie… and as a final surreal twist, Gazza who is also in The Priory, has been visiting the rocker to wish him well… read the full story on page 7, News of the World.

As if life isn’t hard enough for those with drug addictions, Labour’s latest welfare cheat crackdown proposals are revealed today on page 2 of The Mail on Sunday. Apparently, unemployed people who take drugs will be forced to declare their addictions and then switched to a new Treatment Allowance in an attempt to shame them into giving up their addiction… if only it were that easy Gordon Brown… because, of course, the current system doesn’t already persecute those trying to beat drug addictions enough. What next? Will smokers and the obese also have their benefits withdrawn or capped unless they give up the cigarettes or lose weight? It would be nice for those with problems to be given constructive help rather than being bullied by men in suits who have no real understanding of the issues involved.

An interesting article by India Knight on page 20 of The Sunday Times who reckons that teenagers experimenting with soft drugs isn’t so bad and actually much less of a problem than binge drinking… as she says, soft drugs don’t cause you to get liver cirrhosis in your twenties, make you so out of it that you get raped or leave the streets covered in vomit… India writes that ‘ the great advantage of moderate teenage drug taking is that, by the time you’re 20, you understand perfectly that their is nothing glamorous about spontaneous nosebleeds or talking very fast’. As we’ve said many times on the show, it’s all about moderation and being in control…

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