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"I'm sharing what I'm learning"



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Duran Duran

Posted by George Williams on Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Off to see the boys in a few minutes and so cant wait. I’m a really big fan and stuck with them from the start. I still remember planet earth on top of the pops in 81. Songs and bands often transport you right back to the moment, just as if you we’re living it, normally with a few extra pounds though. Life was so much easier, it always seemed.

Anyway a point I would ask you to consider is that our problems, issues and behaviour often give us the same feeling but in a different way. And although I would love to jump into a pair of tukka boots and a pirate shirt I wont be… and nor will I pick up a drink… it’s normal to associate feelings with memories like that.

Just glad I’ve got my hair and can still slip into a 32 waist jeans. You have to work at it everyone and work with what you’ve got, even the Duran Duran lads have done a bit of that excess living.

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