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Video: Addiction to Recovery: Maggie White

Tuesday, 2nd December 2008

As part of Inexcess TV’s two year celebration we bring you one of our landmark interviews and compelling life stories. In December 2008 Maggie White joined us as a guest in series two; Maggie is a prime example of where addiction can take you and what recovery can bring you.

Maggie White a truly remarkable woman.

Maggie’s story is one of extremes and takes us on a journey from childhood to addiction. Meeting Maggie who is a warm, friendly and compassionate person it’s difficult to imagine the trauma she has lived with in her life. Anybody who thinks that there is no light at the end of the tunnel needs to see this programme.

Maggie also speaks about her work now with Community Voices and how she is putting her experiences into the way she approaches signposting and advocacy for people in addiction or in recovery. Do not miss this episode.

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