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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 Carnage

The definition of the word carnage would be a useful place to start. It is “the slaughter of a great number of people, as in battle; butchery; massacre. Or Archaic. dead bodies, as of those slain in battle. Has the scene been set?

Moreover, carnage UK pub crawls are organised by the company Varsity Leisure Group Ltd and have been staged for students across the country. Other words that are frequently associated with student events as well as carnage are as follows: medication; double vision; mayhem and mischief. The wording is very specific and targeted, thus very calculated towards a marketable return.

It has emerged that since the start of September, there have been 34 events in the university towns and cities. Students are actively encouraged to dress up and rather scantily too. The theme of this series is that of a ‘Dirty Porn Star’. Get the picture? A license to print money.

Councils and police are netting in on these somewhat exploitative events. Notwithstanding local authorities are concerned that the events are putting strain on already stretched police resources. Police have said there is no legislation to prevent such events taking place. Carnage UK was first staged in Liverpool five years ago. Critics have said the events are a “cynical commercialisation” of the youth binge-drinking problem. Any sensible person would agree with this view whole heartedly. Indeed one could argue that the binge culture is actively and keenly promoted.

Sadly however, Gethin Bevan a young twenty year old was found hanging from a tree. He had paid £10 like hundreds of others to tour the bars and clubs. He was twice over the recommended limit of alcohol During a recent Carnage UK event in Guildford, Surrey, groups of students descended on bars and clubs, wearing little else other than t-shirts and underwear. There were similar scenes at the event in Norwich.

An open verdict was recorded, although, the inquest heard that Gethin had struggled with the maths degree he enrolled on in September 2005 but was happier after switching to biology in January 2007.

Paul Bahia, founder of Varsity Leisure Group Ltd, which runs the Carnage UK events, said it had been an “unfortunate coincidence” that Mr Bevan died after attending a Carnage UK event. He further states that “Throughout the country we have catered for over 350,000 people a year for the past six years and this is the first death to have occurred. I don’t see how our events promote irresponsible drinking”. Oh really!!! These people are amazing, just the type of language used as stated is testimony of what this organisation may be seen as.

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