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Drug users request more support for their families and carers

Thursday, November 20th, 2008 Drug users request more support for their families and carers

Drug users in treatment praise services they receive but ultimately would like more help and support for their families.

Overall the National Treatment Agency’s (NTA) annual survey of drug treatment clients showed that the majority felt that entering treatment had a positive impact on their lives, including reducing drug use, less involvement in crime, better physical and mental health, and improved housing and employment prospects.

However on the downside was, that a third But a third of drug treatment clients surveyed felt that family members and partners needed more support.

The government are in fact committed to put greater emphasis in future on the needs of families and carers of drug users, and where parental substance misuse exists.

Notably, many parents and families are providing care and support to loved ones who are drug dependent, and this includes grandparents and other kin caring for the children of family members who are drug users.

Both the Drug Strategy and the drug treatment guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) identify the importance of families and carers as a valuable resource in drug treatment, but point out that they are often in need of support themselves.

Furthermore over 90% of service users reported falls in drug use and crime since starting treatment, and four out of five (around 80 per cent) reported improvements in their general health.

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