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The Unforgotten Bully

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 The Unforgotten Bully

West End Star Lee Mead was once the victim of bullying and it has made him passionate about tackling the issue.

As stated in the Mirror (17 11 08) a few years before Joseph and Any Dream Will Do made him a household name, Lee Mead was in a pub in his home town in Essex when he recognised a face at the bar.

It was at this point that he recognised a face at the bar “He must have been 32 and was with his wife and baby - and I hadn’t seen him for about 15 years but I still recognised him,” Lee says, backstage at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End. “And he recognised me, too.

It was at that point Mead realised that you never forget a bully’s face and that the mutual instant recognition also works both ways.

Though the Joseph star says “I thought he was in a much worse position than me because I stood up to him and he was the one who still felt bad about it. And then I just went and bought some drinks.”

Lee, 27, is the ambassador for Anti-Bullying Week, part of Vodafone’s Cut It Out campaign, which starts today and is supported by the Daily Mirror.

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