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Excessive Costs

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 Excessive Costs

It has been reported in the Telegraph (17 11 08 - John Swaine) that the NHS pays in excess of £950 million per annum in relation to negligence in maternity care since 1995

Moreover the figure includes large sums paid in compensation for children who have suffered brain damage, cerebral palsy or other problems, could raise questions about the safety of childcare in the health service.

Notably it has been established as suggested by campaigners that the total spent by the NHS on maternity services was cut by £55m in 2006-07, while the birthrate continues to rise. It has increased by 16 per cent since 2001.

One could argue that sound investment would be deemed necessary as indicated by Louise Silverton who states “that the large total cost of the claims “underlines what a false economy it is to cut back on maternity care. Our members are telling us that they are overworked and overstretched and are running between beds dealing with, in some cases, three women at once.”

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