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Are you Codependent?

Friday, November 14th, 2008 Are you Codependent?

An overview is always worth while to give a better understanding of the condition.

A useful tool to begin with is ask yourself when you are not problem solving, managing a crisis, listening to a needy friend or helping a loved one, do you feel alone, empty, fearful? Is your care for others bringing you pain, confusion, resentment, exhaustion, hopelessness?

The direct consequences co codependency are profound. Those who suffer from codependency are desperate to somehow be fulfilled by someone or something. And, when this fails, as it inevitably must, the desperation is deepened with despair, which fuels the self-defeating patterns more.

Ultimately, reaching out for help is crucial. In order to facilitate recovery. This devastating cycle can be stopped. By recognising the need for help and reaching out to receive it, the codependent takes the essential first step toward change.

One method for change is that of counselling, this will assist in coping with life crises or specific mental health problems; this will encourage insight & self-understanding into one’s behaviour patterns.

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