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Huge Profits on the Backs of Excessive Students

Thursday, November 13th, 2008 Huge Profits on the Backs of Excessive Students

There is a massive industry in alcohol consumption when it comes to university students. It is expected from their point of view to have a great time. STOP! do they question the manipulation they are being presented with, after all these are the so called intelligentsia of modern Britain?

Alas, it could easily be argued that these very students are also facilitating the binge culture. Moreover they are the example the younger generation will adhere to.

Though in fairness to university students, there is big money to be made from them. By hook or crook someone else is equally determined to maximise the student culture and more specifically a students limited budget.

A very good example of this can be seen as reported in the daily Mail (12 11 08) by Richard Pendlebury.

“An intoxicated young woman in hot pants is bending over to retch and simultaneously be groped by a male undergraduate, who she may well not know. Others are simply in a state of alcoholic collapse. Police, stewards and a medical team lurk nearby”.

A cold Monday night in November would normally see central Norwich all but deserted.

But Carnage UK is in town. And as many as 2,000 local students, mostly teenagers, are taking part in what the ‘UK’s number one student event promoter’ has billed as a ‘Dirty Porn Star’ fancy dress party.

For a minimal sum, let the fun begin, £10 per ticket. Scantily dressed young females dressed up with tacky, suggestive slogans. It may not just be their money that is taken away.

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