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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 Regression Therapy

A very interesting program broadcasted by channel 5 (10 11 08) featuring Paul Merton with regards to the merits of the above technique.

There is always a fundamental need to educate a population with current and detailed information. Armed with every tool possible and for that reason the exploration of regression therapy (RS) seems very inviting.

By definition (RT) involves going back to a person’s past in order to find healing or to find reasons for current behaviour and thinking patterns. With reference to counselling and psychotherapy, the therapists will dig around in a client’s past to find the root of their problems. This information is then dealt with at a cognitive (conscious) level.

With reference to existing data, there is a firm belief that healing at this level can, and does, take place.

Equally it has to be noted what psychotherapy cannot do,i.e. it cannot find memories buried so far that even the client has no ability of recall. It has been suggested that the subconscious mind protects us in numerous ways. Firstly, it will protect us by burying a painful experience so that it’s memory no longer causes conscious pain.

Secondly, it protects us by helping us to avoid being hurt in the same way again. A problem occurs when this ‘avoidance’ is no longer appropriate and is preventing us from living whole, healthy lives, or from having fulfilling relationships.

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