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Depression And General Anaesthetic: The Risks???

Thursday, November 13th, 2008 Depression And General Anaesthetic: The Risks???

A routine operation performed on a young man went very tragically wrong. Can a general anaesthetic really cause such depression that leads to suicide?

James underwent a procedure that takes usually a twenty minute process, he was slightly apprehensive, but that would be regarded as normal. James was not according to his family a drinker as such or indeed into any type of pills, he was popular and bright studying Spanish and Business Studies.

According to his mother, she saw him four days after the operation and found James somewhat subdued. She reassured him the anaesthetic may well be making him feel down.

He called his mother later that night, seemingly fine. Though as his mother found out later he had started emailing his surgeon with regards to the after effects of the anaesthetic.

Notably James a few days later confided to a nurse that he had suicidal tendencies, he was referred to A&E he was graded as a forth category patient. Unfortunately because of patient confidentiality, James’s family were not informed.

The situation escalated and James went on to kill himself.

James’s mother went on to carry out research into reactions to prescribed drugs. Fundamentally the tragedy is, it was all so avoidable, if only we’d known what the risks were. If we’d known to look out for the signs, and that suicidal thoughts could be provoked by the drugs, then we would never have left him alone for one second.

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