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Reward Incentives or Gimmicks?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 Reward Incentives or Gimmicks?

Two articles echoing each other in relation to obesity. Apparently with reference to the daily Mail and the daily Mirror (11 11 08) fat parents will be paid to walk their children to school. Has Britain gone mad or has it woke up to the culture issues it has nurtured for the past decade or so?

Those who attend keep-fit classes, weight-loss clubs or even go for a run in the park would also be eligible for rewards. Points will be collected similar to that of the supermarkets loyalty cards.

Some are most definitely arguing that this so called incentive in tantamount to bribery and is open to fraud.

However cynicism aside it would be pertinent to look at the merits and perhaps we as a nation need to know that our lifestyles are killing us prematurely.

Points would be given just for turning up, but participants can accrue more depending on how much weight they lose.

Walking children to school would count, as would using public transport, because it involves a walk to the bus stop or train station.

It is thought machines could be placed in schools and at stations so parents and commuters could swipe their cards, although details have yet to be finalised.

Going for a run could also be an earner. Joggers would swipe their cards at machines in parks and collect points given in accordance with the distance run.

Question can it work?

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