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Michael Portillo On Suicide Of Schoolfriend

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 Michael Portillo On Suicide Of Schoolfriend

A BBC Report (7 11 08) relating to suicide and its effects. Michael Portillo reflects on when he was at school and a close friend committed suicide. Gary had everything to live for, he was a clever student, popular amongst his peers and was a brilliant musician but very sadly he took his own life.

Portillo discusses the aftermath and detestation of suicide with Gary’s family since the loss.

An understanding of suicide needs to be developed. One has to be realistic realise that feeling low generally is quite normal in relation to what is happening in an individuals life.

It has been established that when feeling low it is essential to talk with someone.

Many people feel pressurised into hiding their feelings out of embarrassment or concern not to burden family or friends. But hiding under a calm exterior only saves the problem for later and stress can build up until it becomes unbearable. Don’t leave it that long.

As a community we also need to be aware of why people take their own lives. There is no simplistic answer, every individual is different with differing needs and values. However, It is often as a result of problems building up to the point where the person can see no other way to cope with what they’re experiencing. The kinds of problems that might increase the risk of suicide are as follows: Recent loss or breakup of a close relationship, misuse of drugs, depression, history of suicide in the family.

It is fair to say that the incidence of suicide in the UK is essentially one every ninety minutes. Furthermore for young people between 15-24 it is arguably the second biggest killler after road accidents and is three times more likely than suicide in the female gender.

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