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The Benefits Of Green Spaces

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 The Benefits Of Green Spaces

With reference to research carried out in Scotland a bit of greenery near our homes can cut the “health gap” between rich and poor. Fundamentally, their study in the Lancet matched data about hundreds of thousands of deaths to green spaces in local areas.

Councils should introduce more greenery to improve wellbeing, they said. Indeed the inequalities that exist are largely based around income and social deprivation, which generally reflect differences in lifestyle, diet, and, to some extent, access to medical care.

Thus those living in poorer areas are more likely to be less healthy and therefore inevitably die earlier. This contrasts with the view that researchers found that living near any open space actually reduced these inequalities regardless of social strata.

The changes clearly identified were that of heart disease/stroke supporting the idea that the presence of green spaces encourages people to be more active. In addition other indications suggest green spaces also helped reduce blood pressure and stress levels, perhaps even promoting faster healing after surgery.

Some statistics would be pertinent more than 366,000 people who died between 2001 and 2005 were analysed, it revealed that even tiny green spaces in the areas in which they lived made a big difference to their risk of fatal diseases.

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