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North and South Towns Fight Obesity

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 North and South Towns Fight Obesity

Alan Johnson health secretary is really using his initiative in relation to a £30million pound investment in tackling obesity. As reported in the Guardian (10 11 08).

Nine areas are being piloted including that of Manchester and Portsmouth. The initiatives designed to head off a looming epidemic of obesity.

Other areas taking part in the “healthy towns” programme of the health secretary, Alan Johnson, are Tower Hamlets, Calderdale, Thetford, Portsmouth, Dudley, Middlesbrough, Tewkesbury and Sheffield.

A loyalty card will also be featured in the trial to promote points for healthy living and exercise. Other ideas include redesigning town centres to encourage walking and cycling, a grow-your-own fruit and vegetable scheme for social housing tenants, the creation of urban gardens in areas hit by last year’s floods and a “cycle-recycle” project to help people learn to ride and look after their bikes.

Ultimately one needs to question, this has been a long-standing problem. Why has the government taken so long to address these issues? As stated an additional £50bn burden on the NHS and the economy.

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