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A Long Shot: Time to Call Ban on Happy Hours

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 A Long Shot: Time to Call Ban on Happy Hours

According to the BBC News (10 11 08) “Pub happy hours should be banned and supermarkets stopped from selling alcohol at a loss in order to combat drink-fuelled disorder, MPs have said.

However from a cynical point of view, one should question the ethics of this decision. This has been a long standing problem with very serious consequences. It appears that government wish now to take action in relation to the direct consequences of the NHS and policing.

Set this issue aside, other implications are fuelling concerns in that the police are facing a host of pressures, including public expectations over minor crime, rapid population change, and the number of murder suspects released on bail.

Furthermore, evidence showed the biggest problem faced by police forces was violence and disorder caused by excessive drinking of cheap alcohol. Moreover increased drink fuelled crime means that many forces could not meet the public’s expectations of high-profile visible policing at other times, despite currently having record numbers in uniform.

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