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Chronic Back Pain And Yoga

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 Chronic Back Pain And Yoga

With reference to a recent BBC Report (Jane Elliot- 09 11 08) Can yoga help in relation to chronic back pain? Well according to John Aplin it most certainly can.

Indeed he is the perfect person to ask as he is the voice of experience. Having broke his back over twelve years ago in a walking accident he found the merits of yoga. Professor Aplin broke several bones, including three vertebrae in his back and ribs, when he fell 30 feet off a crag in 1996. The immediate fear was that he would never walk again.

Moreover he has signed up to be part of a large trial to test how lower-back pain responds to a 12-week course of yoga therapy. More specifically 300 people in five centres across England have been recruited for the York University trial and each participant will be monitored for a year afterwards.

Notwithstanding, he says with conviction that as a scientist I looked at the effects of doing certain postures and monitored the effects that day and the day after and working out what should be done in a systematic way - that was hugely helpful.

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