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Hi everyone

Posted by George Williams on Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Well the week is behind me and a new one about to start. Travelled to Sheffield yesterday with Term Time and had a really fun, successful day. plenty of young people and their parents took information on the issues effecting young people at high school today. Thanks to minx, Trevessa and Harry..and definitely Degsy. Life on the road is very demanding and we left for Sheffield straight after Friday’s show.

I’m very proud of last week. The content is very strong and we are helping people to see it all differently. The posse and my guests have all given great advice and shared many experiences in the hope that people can find solutions to improve the quality of their own lives.

It’s amazing how everything is turning out and the show even as a pilot series is achieving so much already.

Next week I’m really going to be taking the content to the next level and really focussing on the power of our minds and how we can positively change behaviourally and emotionally.

Have a super day everyone, the weather here is amazing and I’m going to spend some quality time at home. Later we’re off to the beach to film us drawing a massive inexcess on the beach. Chill everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow definitely live at 9.

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