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Improving The Nation’s Health - Jamie Oliver

Monday, November 10th, 2008 Improving The Nation’s Health - Jamie Oliver

A Man on yet another of his missions. Jamie Oliver not only shamed our government over school lunches, he’s now determined to set the government straight again when it comes to the issues of feeding the British population.

The chef and broadcaster, whose new Channel 4 series ‘Ministry of Food’ sees the Essex-born chef aiming to improve the diet of people of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, by teaching families to cook, is renowned for his outspoken views on healthy eating.

Oliver recently set out a “manifesto” for tackling the country’s obesity crisis, calling for more action to teach people how to cook and said that he wanted Government-funded food centres to be set up in every town.

In a letter to ministers ahead of today’s commitee meeting, Oliver said: “If nothing is done, obesity and diet-related health problems will have devastating consequences for the national health service. Obesity already costs the NHS more than smoking (£4.2 billion vs £2.7 billion)

It has also been identified that babies and toddlers are especially at risk because many young mothers don’t know how to cook, nor do they have any basic knowledge of nutrition.

Thus in the manifesto Oliver will argue for cooking skills to be taught in primary schools as well as to adults at work and in the community. It says food centres should be opened all over the country with trained cookery teachers offering lessons and advice.

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