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A Potential Cambridge Student Dies from Anorexia

Friday, November 7th, 2008 A Potential Cambridge Student Dies from Anorexia

Charlotte Robinson 18, a popular student died of pneumonia directly linked to her anorexia in August last year weighing only 6st 2lb. With reference to a report in the Telegraph (John Bingham-04 11 08).

Sadly had she lived a few more days then she would have learned her four grade ‘A’s would have enabled her to take her place in Cambridge University.

Charlotte had been prescribed Sertraline, which is a popular anti-depressant three years beforehand after being diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.

The drug is apparently taken by millions around the world and can cause appetite loss. However, Dr Durga Harsh, a consultant psychologist who treated Miss Robinson, told the inquest in Norwich that it would be “speculation” to link the drug with Charlotte’s death. But he said: “One of the side effects is the reduction of appetite.”

When Charlotte was diagnosed with anorexia in April 2007 her weight had dropped radically from 9st 7lb - 7st 1lb in a four month period.

She was advised to increase her food intake so Charlotte substituted exercise to keep down her weight. Thus reinforcing the impact of mental health issues.

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