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Deborah Agulnik On Meditation

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 Deborah Agulnik On Meditation

We are all searching for the elusive answer in relation to stress. Deborah Agulnik writes an interesting article in the Guardian (04 11 08).

Briefly she has been told by a friend that 10 minutes of meditation per day is all that is required for peace of mind. Deborah questions is meditation that easy?

The designated book is that of “teach yourself meditation” book (How Meditation Heals, by Eric Harrison) from the library. It’s Buddhism Lite - skipping nirvana in favour of the more humble aim of quietening the mind and achieving relaxation.

According to Agulnik as instructed she set up a meditation station in the corner of her bedroom. All she needs to do now is set her alarm clock, concentrate on the rise and fall of her breathing and let all thoughts float away.

Beyond two weeks of practice Deborah finds it easier to let her thoughts go. Her body starts to relax and feel heavy. Some days are easier than others. When she is able to achieve “stillness of mind”, the pay-off is a warm, peaceful feeling. Trained to try to think myself out of problems, it is a revelation that not-thinking might be the answer.

Finally discipline is required to achieve an optimum, nothing is ever easy without a bit of effort.

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