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Prison, Drugs and Profit

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 Prison, Drugs and Profit

A huge fortune is being made in relation to illicit drugs and prison according to an ex-prison service worker in a BBC report (04 11 08).

Former National Offender Management Service drug treatment head Huseyin Djemil said the Prison Service had no idea of the size of the drugs market.

He told BBC Radio 4’s The Investigation the service needed to “get smarter” if it wanted to reduce drugs in prisons. However according to government statistics. The amount of inmates testing positive for drugs had fallen from 25% to 9% since 1997.

Djemil says that at worst up to 20kg of drugs, mostly heroin, being smuggled into jails each week. In essence this relates to more than 1,000kg, with a street value of about £100m, each year.

Moreover Djemils figures stand up as Wandsworth prison (largest in England) estimated that about £1m worth of drugs were trafficked within the prison a year.

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