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Movie Therapy - Can It Really Work?

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 Movie Therapy - Can It Really Work?

It has been long established that a little bit of what you fancy does you good. So what about the concept of movie therapy?

According to Bernie Wooder who is both a psychotherapist and film buff. He is pioneering the use of so-called ‘movie therapy’ in Britain, and has just written a book explaining how it works. Wooder has prescribed films that are very diverse ranging from Rocky (to help a businessman overcome his insecurity) and Ghost (to come to terms with bereavement).

A patient that claims to have benefited from this type of therapy is Bette.

Bette was weighed down by feelings of inferiority that she couldn’t understand or shake off. Hoping to discover why happiness eluded her, she approached Wooder. He advised her to rent a DVD of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1940 psychological thriller Rebecca - and report back how the film made her feel.

The improvement to Bette was slow but she was able to start repairing her damaged self-esteem and emerge from therapy far more confident and contented. She also gave up her City job and became a nurse.

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