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Katherine Jenkins and Cocaine

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 Katherine Jenkins and Cocaine

As indicated by Julie Moult (03 11 08) Singer Katherine Jenkins has confessed that she experimented with class A drugs whilst at university.

Indeed it was the chance of her first record detail that stopped Katherine in her tracks. She explains that drug taking has been her biggest regret. As she states ‘I was young and silly and never really thought about the consequences.”

Though she conveys ‘I tried one line of cocaine that first time. I’m not going to blame anyone else for giving it to me, or even say who it was. I took cocaine a handful of times more after that, maybe five or six. I’d take up to three lines a night. ‘I thought it would be fun, because everyone else seemed to be having a good time after taking cocaine.’

But coming down from the highs left her feeling bad and racked with guilt at the thought of her family finding out. She claims that at the time she was not in a good mental; place.

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