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Obsession and Food

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 Obsession and Food

With reference to an article by Peta Bee (03 11 08). “A nationwide obsession with childhood obesity is triggering a dramatic increase in the number of young people with eating disorders.”

A young boy known to the reporter is merely a few pounds overweight and has taken to cycling as a direct result of his weight.

As suggested in the article the boy equates exercise with slimness, and slimness with conforming to society’s ideal of how a person of his age should look. He can tell you which foods are calorie-laden and the number of daily steps that need to be taken to stay healthy.

The concern are that this boy is deeply self-conscious about his appearance and weight - warning signs, say experts.

Claire Mellors of the British Dietetic Association describes how “a real fear of obesity is an emerging and worrying trend” that is causing a dramatic rise in the number of children with eating disorders.”

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