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8 Grams a Day

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 8 Grams a Day

A recent article in the Independent by Rob Sharp (30 08 08). He reports on city high flyer Dan Butcher who had an 8 gram a day cocaine habit of which cost him thousands of pounds to maintain.

Having reached his rock bottom Butcher decided to change his way of life booked himself into the Priory and from thereon in he established a social networking website enabling other addicts and their families the opportunity to discuss their problems anonymously.

In his late teens, he became a trainee stock-broker. As he states “As well as working hard in a stressful environment, you were expected to go out with people in the office in the evenings and be part of a crowd,” he explains. “It was the early 1990s, and in those days it was all about hanging around in flashy nightclubs and ordering champagne.”

Although opposed to drug use he began to experiment particularly as he had heard users lose their inhibitions and being somewhat shy this appealed to him. On his own admission this was his biggest mistake.

Things began to spiral out of control by June 2006 he was suicidal, he booked into the Priory. Here it was established he was also an alcoholic, but he was inspired by other addicts at the clinic and came up with the idea where other people could meet and discuss their concerns. He does this full time now and he has over 3000 users.

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