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The Killers

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 The Killers

The facts are 227 people a day die in England per day according to the NHS Information Centre. The equivalent to a jet airliner crashing every 24 hours.

In 2007 there were 445,100 hospital admissions for smoking among the over-35s. A quarter of the patients had cancer, with the remainder divided between heart and respiratory conditions. Deaths in the said age group were that of 82,900.

The one positive note in the figures is that deaths from smoking are declining, as more people give up, or never start. Deaths are down 14 per cent since 2001, equivalent to saving more than 37 lives a day.

But quitting rates have fallen sharply since last year, the first year of the smoking ban in public places. Less than 135,000 people set a quit date through the NHS Stop Smoking service in the second quarter of 2008, down by 22 per cent since the same period in 2007.

Though smoking is in decline more needs to be done with regards to girls taking up the habit. As it stands girls are more likely to be smokers than boys (36 per cent compared with 31 per cent) and are more likely to smoke regularly (8 per cent compared with 5 per cent).

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