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The Appeal Of Meditation

Monday, October 20th, 2008 The Appeal Of Meditation

Sometimes something hits you in the face and our initial response would be why have I not tried this before? However its never to late to start. An inspiring report in The Times (26 07 08 - Clara Tait). Tells the tale of a gap year student in Thailand who had suffered an eating disorder, is broke, no friends to speak of and finds herself in a Buddhist monastery merely by circumstance.

Cutting a long story short and a long conversation about the “Eprisets” (the Eight Precepts of Buddhism this young lady was allowed to stay on the premise she would earn her keep. The regime was hard initially waking up at 5am to prepare breakfast. From 7am there would be meditation where she would sit cross-legged, watching her breath coming in and going out, and concentrating on the present moment.

Moreover living in the monastery meant living by their rules or precepts ie there was no eating after noon or no communication with the opposite sex. Eventually though she found herself enjoying meditation and began to feel proud of herself. Notably her memory became sharper and very gradually her anger subsided.

She in effect found her inner peace and the Buddhist monastery taught her how to listen to herself. Once an individual is able to achieve this remarkable quality then life’s journey seems less harsh. Its life’s simplicity that eludes most of us.

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